Important note on security camera equipment

How important is your security?

All Security camera products are not created equal. Shopping for the lowest price, may yield the lowest price, but what online retailers don’t tell you about security cameras and hidden camera products, is the cheaper they come, the cheaper they are put together. Low quality security products are quickly made (overseas) and exported into the United States by security camera distributors. These distributors, then offload these items to online retailers. At we are not your average online security camera retailer. The majority of our covert and wireless security camera products are handmade by experienced technicians. Quality electronics are an integral part of our covert and non-covert security camera equipment.

The most common security camera failure, is a low-end power supply and/or integrated electronics. Low power transmitters, can’t get beyond 20 feet, while after 3 months competitive security camera products quit working. The electronics overheat and eventually burnout. Moreover, if you may need experienced technical support by a competitor, you’ll quickly find they are nothing more than a security camera retailer who has “0” product knowledge or technical skills.

How do we know this? Our customers tell us!

It’s unfortunate that some of our customers have experienced “fly by night” online security camera retailers solely interested in making a fast dollar. It’s also important that you call the security camera company and physically speak to a representative. Ask them questions like, “how long has your company been in business,” “who are some off your customers,” what can I expect with technical support,” and do you make the products yourself, or do you purchase them from another security camera distributor. If a competitor is more interested in taking your order than answering questions, this should be a good indication of what to expect for a customer service call later. It’s important to “read between the lines” and see what you are really getting for that “low priced security camera product.” Feel free to call toll-free 1-800-320-4888 and speak to trained security experts who genuinely want to solve your security camera needs. Afterall, your security is our business.

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