Challenge on Advanced Traffic Monitoring

A Challenge that aims to provide a comprehensive performance evaluation of state-of-the-art detection and tracking algorithms in the traffic monitoring environment. The challenge is based on UA-DETRAC, a dataset that consists of a huge set of traffic video sequences opportunely annotated with bounding box, tracking path and difficult/environment difficult level. The challenge will be held in conjunction with the T4S workshop.

Sponsor provided 2 Nvidia Jatson TX1 development kit and 2  conference free registration as prize.

Challenge on Drone-vs-Bird Detection

The challenge is organized in conjunction with the International workshop on small-drone surveillance, detection and counteraction techniques (WOSDETC), which will guarantee publication of the paper associated with the best proposals. All the participants to the challenge must submit score files with their results, as explained below, together with a companion paper (up to 5 pages) describing the applied methodology.

The best papers will be published in the conference proceedings and may be also presented in the workshop day session.