Call for challenge

The Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance 2017 conference is soliciting proposals for scientific challenges. The goal of a challenge is to accelerate the pace of research on a specific academic or industrial problem by fostering collaboration, communication, and understanding via the quantitative comparison of competing methods using standardized datasets.

The challenges should align with the topic of the general theme of AVSS; both new challenge topics and topics that were addressed during previous challenges are welcome. We particularly encourage new challenge topics that could introduce new application fields, or existing application fields that would benefit from focused attention from the research community.  

Challenge key points

The challenge evaluations will be conducted focusing the attention on the key point listed in the following.

A short presentation of the challenge: Why the challenge is of interest to the conference and to the scientific community? Does the challenge address an appropriate and relevant topic or topics of AVSS? Is the challenge goal reasonably reachable according to the time schedule presented below?

The data: Training and test data, a description of the annotations provided, and a detailed description of the rules relative to the competition and the metrics used to measure performance. Both the training and test data must be unpublished and not provided to other people before.

Should we also allow datasets that are previously public but not used for challenge or competition? This will also not shoot us in the foot if a challenge is repeated for new competitions from previous years (or in future some challenges from AVSS 17 to be repeated in later AVSS conferences).


The organizing team: A description of the team that is going to manage the competition and evaluate the results. Diversity in the team of challenge organizers is generally recommended. It is good to include a number of people from different backgrounds with experience in the field. These might include researchers from a number of different academic institutes, as well as from industry, who have worked on a variety of projects related to the topic of interest.

The challenge schedules: Each challenge would require an ad-hoc release of portion of training set, as well as specific time for the data analysis. please provide a detailed time schedule considering the one provided below.

An ad-hoc site: The administration of the challenge must include the availability of a site for the datasets download, a resource for clear information and contacts and a way to provide results to the organization teem.

Publications: A high profile overview paper on the results of your challenge is a good way to inform the community about the results of your comparative study. Include your plans on this topic.

Challenges will have half-day workshops at the conference that will be organized according to the number of challenge and presentation submissions.

Important Challenge Dates:

Challenge Proposal Deadline: 1 December 2016

Notification of Acceptance: 7 January 2017

Challenge Announcements on AVSS 2017 Website: 15 January 2017

Challenge Half-Day Workshops: To be scheduled

Challenge Winners Announcements: To be scheduled

How to Submit a Challenge Proposal

To propose a challenge, please submit a PDF document to

For each proposal much detail possible concerning the discussed key points are mandatory; proposal with missing or ambiguous informations will be ignored.

The submitted challenges will be carefully examined by the challenges chairs in order to guarantee the best balancing between relevance and challenge organization.